Super Powers


      From Super Speed, Force Fields, Flames and even sound effects that combine perfectly with an excellent Multiplayer are found in this Asset.

     To facilitate the understanding of this Asset, you will find Video and PDF Tutorials that will show important details. However, if you want to know a little about Asset, see some important details in the Documentation.

    In the project you will find comments that explain each important function. Folders are organized in the best possible way.




   Teleport your Game Characters with this Asset. With materialization effects, sound effects and automatic activation or activation by the players it is very good, but to get better, Multiplayer cannot be missing. Have it all with this Asset.

     With Tutorials and Comments on the Project, it is much easier to adjust the project to your Game.

Black Hole System

    Terrorize your Game with this Asset. Attract and destroy everything in your way with this Black Hole System.

     Select the style of Black Hole you want to use on your Game map, from a static Black Hole to one that grows as it feeds on the surrounding objects.

   The System has numerous variables, for example, from changing the attraction gravity, size and even the attraction distance of the Black Hole. Enjoy!


        Move your Game Characters faster with this Asset. To do this, use the Portals and Teleports of this project. With sound effects and created for Multiplayer it will be perfect for your Games.

       The Portal and Teleportation have automatic activation. The character can go from one Teleport to another, from one Portal to another or enter a Portal to materialize in another location.

   The Portal automatically adjusts the character's camera when leaving the Destination Portal, thus maintaining the direction of the character's movement when leaving the Portal.

       I created a special Tutorial, which teaches you how to place several Portals on the same Map. The project has several comments with explanations.

Teleportation and Portal

Teleportation & Portal_1 - Featured
Teleportation & Portal_2 - Featured.jpg

Advanced Car System

      Looking for a complete Car Asset? This Asset has since the sounds of the car engines, smoke particles, horn, signaling system, reverse gear sensor and even Drift.

         This Asset is prepared for Multiplayer. Cars have specific skills. How: Invisibility, Materialization at Start Map, Equipment and more. This was a product that had a lot of work, but enjoy it, it's at a great price.

Advanced Car System - Featured

Vortex System

      Everything attracted to this Vortex will be teleported to a second Vortex. Thus, you can have objects and characters teleport to another part of the map that is farther away. One Vortex attracts and the other takes everything away from you.

       This system has several customizations that made the Vortexes match the theme of your game.

Vortex System - Featured

Super Powers 2

      From powers of ice to powers of creating Portals are found in this Super Powers Pack. Customers asked and I answered. This is the Second Powers Pack.

       The power categories for this new product are: Lantern, Brute, Portal, Teleport, Space, Invisible Detective and Blizzard.

Don't forget to access the available Tutorials.

Super Powers 2 - Featured